In Woking, we encourage all Explorers to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

For general information about the award, please visit their website.

Since there is some overlap between the three stages of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and the three Chief Scout Awards attainable while an Explorer, it is recommended that Explorers take part in both these award schemes simultaneously.

In Woking, we offer guidance for Explorers in all parts of the award scheme, and we offer the opportunity for Explorers to complete their Expedition Section with us.

The requirements for the DofE Expeditions are as follows:

DofE Bronze/Chief Scout Platinum

2 days/1 night

24-32 km

6 hours planned activity per day

DofE Silver/Chief Scout Diamond

3 days/2 nights

48-59 km

7 hours planned activity per day

DofE Gold/Queen Scout Award

4 days/3 nights

80-96 km

8 hours planned activity per day


The expedition scheme run by Woking Explorers includes training sessions, practice expeditions, and a final expedition.


  • Participants at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels must complete all the training sessions and practice hikes before the final expedition. This is essential to allow the team-work element time to develop.  Explorers MUST carry out at least ONE practice hike, but may be required to complete more practices before attempting the final expedition depending on their experience and stamina.
  • Cost for training and practice hikes will be campsite fees, food and transport. Training costs are Free
  • The Brecon Expedition cost will be very approximately £75 plus food costs.