Scout Section News Archive 2009


7th Woking Hike and Camp 09


Between 28th February - 1st March 2009, 7th Woking Scout Troop went on their annual Hike and Camp - this year to Ranmore Common.

15 younger Scouts, many of them on their first camp with 7th scouts, hiked from Newlands Corner to Ranmore Common arriving about 5 pm to find the mess tent up and the kettle steaming !

Whilst it was still light,small tents were pitched and gear stowed before hot drinks were taken They then gathered in the mess tent to help prepare and cook a meal for 22 people !

There was much chopping of veg and frying of mince and onions before we filled two large billies with bolognaise. Whilst this was slowly cooking (it was very cold by now) the Scouts went off to burn off more energy in a wide game!

After dinner (and once all the washing up was done) everyone retired to the campfire circle where a lovely fire was blazing. Toasting forks were produced and more food eaten! We were very fortunate with the weather and loads of stars could be seen through the trees.

The next day was again fair and an early start was made on packing bags and striking tents before breakfast. The older Scouts left by 9.00am with their heavy loads and the younger Scouts were on their way by 10 am, with everyone arriving at Newlands Corner by 2 pm ready for the pick up by parents.

Many thanks to our Leaders, Young Leaders and Parents for helping us put the weekend together.

Scout Comments are as follows:

"It was a fantastic experience; which was definitely made better by the lovely weather, beautiful scenery and amazing team mates"! Grace

"My thoughts of my first lightweight camp were exciting and I couldn't wait untilI saw the bagI had tocarry. The highlight of the weekend was the length of the walk and my own personal achievement". George

"I thought that the hike from Newlands Corner to Ranmore Common was fun and I would love to do it again." Emily

"The Scout hike wasn't that hard even with a rucksack it's only hard if you're in the older group. We walked seven miles on the Saturday and five on the Sunday. It was very cold so bring a warm sleeping bag and lots of layers". Zack



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